A Tidy Life

Tidy-(adjective)- neat and orderly in appearance or habits : well ordered and cared for”

It’s the word that came to me as I peered into the bedroom of the dollhouse. The lights on the nightstand shut off automatically, so as to not waste battery.

No slippers, dirty laundry, not even a pile of books on the nightstand.


Season of Lights in the Darkness

From the Archives Nov. 29, 2018 Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens but there’s a new display in place now Holiday Magic Holiday Magic! Winter Flower Show and Light Garden 2022. (Advance tickets required)

As the days grow shorter, the colorful lights help relieve the darkness.

Do You Use a Nutcracker?

I can picture a wooden bowl of mixed nuts, all in their shells. A hinged metal nutcracker (sold as a seafood cracking tool, too) at the ready. I can hear the splitting of a walnut shell. The resistance of an almond shell. The Brazil nuts were especially hard to crack.

Seems these days the nuts are already shelled.

I’m pretty sure I still have one in a kitchen drawer. Do you use a nutcracker?

This time of year you see the wooden decorative nutcrackers on a mantle or hanging nutcracker ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Do you use a nutcracker?

Always Fresh Bread- A Handmade Gift

A day to be appreciative of all we have in our lives. Olga, my DIL’s mother gave me a handmade linen bag with a special lining to keep bread fresh. Made in Ukraine.

It says in Ukrainian alway fresh bread
The loaf peeking out of the lace edged bread bag that’s cheese on the board.

After more than three weeks away, I slept in my home bed in a warm house last night. It was a long day of travel so lots of time to knit and reflect on a wonderful visit with my son and his family. I received many welcome home messages and it was lovely How good it feels to be able to travel again. To be with those you love. To meet a 2020 granddaughter.

I’m grateful for my family and friends and all of you who stop by here.

I found an article about Giving Thanks from Harvard Health Publishing and how it can make one happier. I believe it!