"Place, with a trace of humanity" Photography/Photo of the Day/Pittsburgh


Free Parking




Spotted by Steve. Saturday night

Grant Avenue- Millvale PA



Wet Pavement Magic

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

-Loved being in the passenger seat tonight while Steve drove home through the rain and wet leaves.


Leftover Baguette = Perfect French Toast


Poetry Book Release Party at My House

My friend Roberta Hatcher’s poetry Book Release Party.  French Lessons  published by  Finishing Line Press

Roberta made all the food and brought it over before the party  (Delicious) and after the reading there were her homemade MadeleinesJulia Child’s Madeleines recipe -lemon, orange and chocolate and her homemade truffles. Friends and other Pittsburgh poets came, bringing wine and their willingness to have a great time!P

Here’s a poem from her book and previously published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Thank You for Crawling

I provided the venue.

She read beautifully and everyone had a wonderful time. Congratulations Roberta.

hope you will sign my copy soon



Local Color







Eggs of Another Color

img_0524Labriola’s Italian Grocery


Pratt Museum Homer Alaska


and thinking about the idiomatic phrase horse of another color

Local:What Feels Like Home

img_9880Jen H at WordPress has created the weekly Photo Challenge: Local.

What feels familiar, home. The places you know by heart. Local diner, local playground, local neighborhood, local church,local streets-I live in the city by a park.

I notice I shoot a lot of local coffee, too.

Here’s my iPhone local gallery.  Pittsburgh.




Windshield Water

I enjoyed this week’s challenge by Lignum Draco Water