Basket Cheese

I was standing at Labriola’s Italian Grocery deli counter and it’s the first time I saw Basket Cheese. I asked about it. It’s only sold at Easter time. It can be used to make Easter pies or you eat a slice with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. A firm ricotta like cheese. There are recipes. Recipes to make basket cheese at home and recipes to use the store-bought version to bake savory pies for Easter. There are sweet recipes too. Here’s a recipe for savory Italian Easter Pie

It’s called “basket cheese” because it’s formed in a basket and you can see the imprint of the weaving on the side of the cheese.

“Basket cheese is mild in flavor, so it forms a great combination with bread. It is eaten along with jam or honey and thus forms a great breakfast. Many people enjoy basket cheese as an afternoon snack. Relish its taste with olive oil, pepper and salt its yummy.”

The Vernal Equinox at 5:24 PM EDT

And it’s chilly like a winter’s day…..20s today but tomorrow the high will be 50! my Minnesota friends are still in total winter.

In 2023, the March equinox happens on March 20, at 5:24 P.M. EDT. This falls on a Monday and is the astronomical beginning of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere

The ice looks like a tree to me
Tiny Daffodils in a neighbor’s yard

Carmela Baked All These Breads for St. Joseph Feast Day from the Archives

We’ve many namesakes with Middle names of Joseph in our family -Roy Joseph, Mark Joseph, Michael Joseph and Charles Joseph St. Joseph Feast Day is Father’s Day in Italy

Cooking with Nonna St. Joseph Day Recipes Pasta with Sarde,

Pastries- Sfingi, Zeppole,

St. Joseph’s Pasta – Mafaldine di San Giuseppe

Carmela Baked All These Breads for St. Joseph Feast Day

11 years ago

Tuesday afternoon I met a friend for dinner. We used to teach in the same school but are in different schools across the city now. It was good to catch up.  When we walked into the restaurant,La Tavola Italiana, I could not believe what I saw in front of me!  A St. Joseph Feast spread from the day before.  Later Carmela came out to speak with us about how we were enjoying our dinners and she was taking photos with her iPad to send to her family. She uses the iPad to keep the restaurant calendar for parties and other aspects of her business.

I asked if she made the St. Joseph Cavazunes filled with the chick peas and she said, “NO, they are Calabrese.” She is Sicilian and she makes Zeppoles.

I said that I’d photographed all the bread and would send her the photos but would she like to pose with all her handiwork and she did. She was gracious to allow me to photograph her. NEXT year we have to go to actual feast! It sounded like a terrific party.

And speaking of party? Click to hear Chicago John’s Italian Song Selection

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