Hudson Yards Sunday Morning- The Vessel

My sister and I had just walked the High Line Sunday morning.

I’d not seen the development of Hudson Yards. We were headed to the subway to go to Grand Central.

In order to climb this structure you have to get a ticket (free)

“The Vessel is composed of 154 interconnecting flights of stairs, with almost 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings.” Footwear News  It’s billed as a ‘Tourist Attraction” and everyone had a cell phone out, myself included.

Tons of people were milling about, waiting for it to open up so they could climb up the stairs.   The Vessel cost than $150 million to build.

Controversy plus-  Here’s an article by Katharine Schwab Why Everyone Hates the Vessel.  

Multiple critics have given it pretty creative names ( not flattering) in the article.  See what you can come up with as you stare at it’s shape. Wonder how designer Thomas Heatherwick feels reading all the criticism.

But of course I saw the opportunity to take another sister selfie in the metal.  And here we are, reflected.

Your body gets skinny or wide depending on where you stand.  I read the surrounding condos being built start at 2 million if you are in the market.  Not.


Mary asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do in the city before I went home to Pittsburgh.  Yes, I wanted to see William Wegman’s Dogs in the 23rd St Subway station.

She’d told me about them before. When I taught photography in high school, Mr. Wegman was one of the students favorite photographers. So after we got off the train at Grand Central, she guided me to the correct  subway to get to see the famous Weimaraners in mosaic.

William Wegman click his name to learn more about his art

After Wegman took the photos for this commission, German mosaic fabricator Mayer of Munich produced the works, meticulously translating all the textures and tones of the gray dogs into gray glass”  Alexander Alexa-




I am  back in Pittsburgh tonight but had to post these wonderful mosaic dog murals of “Stationary Figures” by William Wegman.

Hani Shihada Sidewalk Artist in NYC

Hani Sidewalk Art  

click above link to see more examples of Hani’s artwork. Hani Shihada is billed as the Original Sidewalk Artist  (and due to 25 years endurance) he’s also the Last Sidewalk Artist in New York City ( according to his website)

Mary and I were coming back from the train in Grand Central.  We went to the Hudson River Museum.

Seen Sunday afternoon on Greenwich Avenue by Seventh Avenue as we were headed home..

 I’ll return on Monday morning to see the result and add it to the post. No rain predicted

Handkerchief Use is an Art

Handkerchief use is an art, but not a lost one, thanks to Lisa Goad who takes handkerchief art to a new level. Custom orders are her specialty.

We found the Maplewoodstock Music Festival in Memorial Park happening on Saturday when we got off at the train station on our way to lunch with longtime friends.

The Hanky Shoppe booth caught my eye, and made me nostalgic for handkerchief users I’ve known and loved in my life. I’ve quite a few hankies in my possession but haven’t been carrying one around with me lately.

Now I have a new beautifully machine embroidered one created by artist and master sewer and plan to add to my collection

Thank you, Lisa.

Here’s Lisa and her husband Matt, whose traditional handkerchief use and second wedding anniversary gift (cotton) of monogrammed handkerchiefs from Lisa inspired the start of The Hanky Shoppe.

An elegant hummingbird embroidered on a brand new cotton lace edged handkerchief.

Upcycled Jean Jackets are popular -different designs Marilyn, Mermaids and Peacocks to name a few

Chippy helps out at The Hanky Shoppe 
Fancy Mermaid zippered purses in a variety of sizes 

The 16th Maplewoodstock Music Festival

Maplewood New Jersey Train Station

The Maplewood Train Station

Today’s Post is #3603 and marks

the start of year eleven of blogging

West Village Friday Evening

My sister made Raffetto’s Wild Mushroom Ravioli and Broccoli tonight. Parmesan cheese on top.

After we ate, we took a walk. No gelato tonight.  We already had an Italian ice earlier in the afternoon

I had raspberry Italian ice from Rocco’s Pasticceria



It was such a lovely evening. Lots of people out to dinner and enjoying the summer night.

Rental bikes

A chocolate purse at LiLac Chocolates

Outside Magnolia Bakery  waiting

Bleecker Street Festival tomorrow 10-6


Daily News Building New York City

Wednesday my sister and were walking to Grand Central Terminal Market to purchase LiLac chocolate as a hostess gift. We were headed to dinner at our cousin’s. Here’s the Daily News Building built in 1929 in the Art Deco style. Here’s the giant rotating globe in the lobby. Two photos of Christopher Reeve from filming the Superman movies are shown below.

Late Night Window Shopping on Bleecker Street

Last night my sister and I were walking around the neighborhood and window shopping at Naadam Ultra Thin on Bleecker Street. Cashmere and silk store. “Responsibly Sourced Sustainable Mongolian Cashmere Clothing” – The sign says soft, soft, soft world.

Can you find the two of us with the goat’s reflection? And the goat is not a taxidermy specimen but a large replica, like a giant stuffed toy.

Revisiting What’s In Your Fridge?

This is a photo from a July 2010 blog post.  Ellen R and I used to teach together.

Ellen in known for the delicious signature cheesecakes she bakes.

When she opened the fridge door (all those years ago) I saw Beer and Cream Cheese and Eggs.  I think it was basketball tournament time.  I saw the photo tonight and read the 2010 blog post and thought I would repost it and ask you, just like that old newspaper column used to ask interviewees-

What three things can one always find in YOUR fridge?

Ellen R’s fridge in 2010

It seems I always have old condiments, eggs, and butter in my fridge.