Muskingum Rest Stop

Interstate 70 Ohio.

Muskingum County was a hub of river traffic and is famous for the “Y” Bridge which was built at the confluence of the Muskingum and Licking Rivers. The county got its name from the Native American term , Moos-kin-gung meaning “a town on the side of the river.” Some claim the natives called it the “Elk Eye River.

Ohio flag is a different shape like a pennant

11/25/1993 Macy’s Parade

Thanksgiving 1993 NYC. My sister Mary was back at her apartment, fixing our dinner. It was cold and windy and the Snoopy balloon hit into a tall street’s lamppost.

A Throwback Thursday.

Grateful for you, your likes, your comments, your emails.

Wishing you a happy day.

Mark(17), Laura(10) Matthew(13) and Steve.
One of my favorite photos.

Hot Air Makes All the Difference

Inflatables at rest.

I took this from my car before sunset Sunday evening
Santa needed some hot air

When we got back to the neighborhood on Sunday night, it was dark outside but the characters were not inflated so I couldn’t get the “after” photo.

Fortunately on Monday night my friend V captured the inflated characters. Thank you.