My Father’s Paternal Grandmother

With her sons-Glenn on left.
My paternal grandfather Floyd on the right.
Rosa Dayton Hendricks passed in 1958.
Son Glenn passed in 1959.
My father’s father passed in 1967.

The 30th PedalPGH hosted by BikePGH

Thirtieth Anniversary of Pedal Pittsburgh August 27, 2023 was

“Hosted by BikePGH, PedalPGH is Pennsylvania’s Largest Bike Ride” (and we’ve lots of hilly terrain in the city)

I was knitting a pair of socks on the front porch Sunday morning. My street is a definite incline. I got to watch bikers pedal by at different rates of speed. You can watch a sampling here

On our way to the movie theatre the street was filled the cyclists

Easily Influenced

Tayler Earl of Henderson, Nevada has a YouTube channel Wool Needles Hands. Forty five thousand subscribers and I’m one of them!

She posts a couple times a week.

In this recent episode she showed her acquisition of a woven Peanut Basket which she uses to hold yarn as she knits socks, TAAT (two at a time)

Her enthusiasm convinced me that yes, this was an item I needed cause guess how I like to knit socks? TAAT!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only sock knitter who knew a Peanut Basket would be a terrific addition to my knitting life. Here’s the one I ordered and received about five days later. You can see how one side holds the peanuts in their shells snd the other side is for the discarded shells.

The yarn Stained Glass is hand dyed in Thetford Vermont by Michele of Woolens and Nosh

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and friends Kanga, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger as seen in the New York Public Library Thursday afternoon by my sister and her friend. I read that little Roo was lost in an apple orchard. Pooh just had a birthday August 21st. Gifted by A.A.Milne to son Christopher when he was one in 1921.

Thanks for sending the photo, Mary.