Found Chairs

The woven cord ones, the aluminum folding frames, are for sale, standing in front of a vintage store on High Street.

The other two? discards.

Maura found the white one on the way home, walking Charlie from school.

Winter Hat Washing Season

This is my son-in-law’s winter knit hat collection. Since I’m here for a visit, I washed them today. We’re not expecting anymore snow! They’ll be fresh for next fall.

Yes they are all the same knitting pattern. the ribbed hat gives a great fit!
The water is cool as to not felt the wool!

The free pattern is available to download Handspun Ribbed Hat by Sarah Bradberry

Submerging them to soak Maura snapped this aerial view
Drying on the mesh rack after thoroughly wrapped in a towel to get the extra water out

Two are Rowan Undyed Chunky Wool hat I Knit in 2014, black snd white marl is Cascade Eco and Manx Loughton is the lighter brown from the Isle of Man

Local Yarn Store Day is Saturday April 29th


Here’s a photo of McWalker Yarns owner Amy McCall holding the photo I took of her as she opened the store in April 2018. Standing with her is fabulous crochet artist Melissa White (who is also an employee) The photo shows how much the store’s inventory has grown!

McWalker Yarns in Millvale PA is celebrating their fifth anniversary and Local Yarn Store Day. There are special sales and prizes for shoppers this Saturday April 29th. Amy says in her latest newsletter “To celebrate this special occasion, I asked Toni at Raggz Fiber Art to create an exclusive assigned-pooling colorway for us to be named “The Yarn Shop at the End of the Rainbow.” Wow, has she outdone herself! We have, for now, a limited number of skeins of this amazing colorway in fingering weight. These will go on sale on Saturday (4/29) at the anniversary party (and are destined not to last

A solid community of fiber enthusiasts has flourished, even during pandemic times. It was during these long months that McWalker began mail order sales, curbside pick-up and hosted Zoom meetings several times a Week. There were classes and make-alongs, friendships formed, even during isolation.

Here’s the post created upon the store’s April 2018 opening Millvale Welcomes McWalker Yarns

also the First Anniversary post is here

Celebrating five years

Congratulations to Amy on bringing her dream into reality. A dream where we share in the yarny goodness and positive vibes. When entering the store there’s a welcoming spirit. It’s a wonderful local yarn store.

New-to-Me Candy Bars at the Market

After I added some lunch items to my cart I headed to the checkout line. These unfamiliar candy bars caught my eye.

Just window shopping, I realized I had no idea what tastes these bars offered.

What a variety of chocolate bars at Weiland’s Market, here in Clintonville Ohio. I left with the food for lunch but without a chocolate bar. A few quick photos.

I did a little research and each link gives the individual history of the different bars.

Big Hunk has been around since the 1950s

Another midwestern favorite Sifers Valomilk made in Kansas

Twin Bing hails from Sioux City Iowa. Founded in 1923!

Idaho Spud since 1918 is the best selling candy bar in Idaho “

“The popular Idaho Spud Bar is a wonderful combination of a light cocoa flavored, soft marshmallow center drenched with a dark chocolate coating and then sprinkled with coconut (Sorry, no potato!). It was originally marketed as a “Healthful” candy bar since it is made with agar agar instead of gelatin.

“The potato shape and unique blend of ingredients appeals to both young and old, making the “Idaho Spud” one of the top selling candy bars in the Northwest, and is Idaho Candy Company’s bestselling bar. The Idaho Spud Bar has been a favorite since it was first manufactured in 1918.”

A Startling Find at Breakfast

Not sure how these ants found their way to the bottom of the cream honey jar but here they are. What a shock to find them, encased in the crystallized honey. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I reached for this toast topping. It was a jolt!

I think I’ll stick with jam.

My sister suggested looking up chocolate covered ants and yes, you can buy them to be shipped to your home.

Definitely unappetizing but an interesting image.

Doesn’t one catch more flies with honey?