Deep Fried Pickle at Ohio State Fair

Ana had never tried one. They don’t make them in Croatia.  It seems you can deep fry just about anything these days.  I tasted it- Interesting.  Memorable.  One a year is more than enough.  Seemed less disgusting than the deep fried Twinkies at the next booth.

Memories Before Cell Phones- When You Had to Find a Phone Booth to Make a Call?

Call Anywhere in the World 50 Cents
Call Anywhere in the World 50 Cents

Digging for change, the sounds of the coins falling into the phone.  What do you do if you don’t have a cell phone these days? Especially with a phone booth in this kind of shape. Remember when the operator came on and told you to deposit the amount?

Conductor on the Platform through The “Pennsylvanian” Train Window

When you travel the route from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and maybe onto New York, this conductor calls out the history of Horseshoe Curve  before the train approaches this landmark.   You look out the window, see the front end of the train across the way, just as he said.  Amazing!

Conductor on the "Pennsylvanian"
All Aboard.

Front Porch Summer Garden Bouquet

After breakfast at Joan’s she invited me to cut some flowers from her beautiful garden.  Zinnias, dahlias   different shape petals, vibrant colors.  Slipped them into the cobalt blue vase with some cool water and photographed them on the front porch, looking for the best available light.

Zinnias and Dahlias in a Cobalt Blue Vase on My Front Porch
Zinnias and Dahlias in a Cobalt Blue Vase on My Front Porch

Memories from the Front Porch-Two Glass Reamers and Lemonade

Love the scent of lemon peel as you cut them, the oil on your fingers is summer even though the leaves are just beginning to turn.  Fall arrives this week.  Fresh squeezed lemonade = childhood in July.   Time to juice a couple.  Enjoy one of the last summery days.  My mother used one –  hard to tell them apart.  More scratches on the bottom age it I guess.  See  a cool photo of reamers covering a wall to hide the  ugly wallpaper        The serious collectors meet for conventions.  Do you even wonder how people start a collection?Reamer

Trying to make summer last by squeezing lemons

Midway Ride at Ohio State Fair

One of 3 photos now being shown in Ft. Meyers FL this month at the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center- Mechanical Elements show.  Tom called this the Asterisk.  Not sure of the name of the ride but was watching the people going upside down, their hair flying and listening to them scream.  I worry about loose bolts, a breaking chain, stripped gears.

Check out the hair at 11 o'clock.
Check out the hair at 11 o'clock.