At the Museum

Thursday, my sister Mary and I went to the Carnegie Museum of Art to see the photography exhibit Gordon Parks in Pittsburgh 1944-1946 .

While we roamed around the other galleries, I documented our visit with two selfies. One where we are looking quite svelte on our reflection in Heart Pavilion by artist Dan Graham who passed February 2022. Click his name to read his obit. .

The first selfie. A couple of gray heads was about all I could capture.

Master Clock Repair

Meet Michael Gainey. Master Clock Repair Columbus Ohio.

I haven’t photographed many People at Work during the Pandemic. It was nice to be welcomed and shown Mr. Gainey’s workbench and tools he uses to fix all kinds of clocks. More than 44,000 clocks have been repaired!!! Do you have a family clock that’s been passed down through generations?

He told me his story, how he got into the business. His son works alongside him, repairing clocks, too. I had made an appointment to stop on our way home to Pittsburgh after Anna’s HS graduation weekend.
Laura had a musical cuckoo clock, resting in a box, that needed to be fixed. We’d bought it in the German Black Forest about 35 years ago. I know it’s in good hands.

Michael Gainey – Master Clock Repair
and Certified Clockmaker
Cool graphic on his van