Hand Held Rotary Egg Beaters and Cupcake Display at DOZEN Bakeshop

My mother had a hand held egg beater.

Cupcakes are all the rage.  These are $2.50 each.  You can order Valentine Cupcakes now. Different flavors posted on a chalkboard. One was made with some East End Brewery Stout

Click blue link for information on DOZEN bakeshop in Oakland and Lawrenceville open Super Bowl Sunday 9-12 with special Black and Gold treats.

Rotary Egg Beaters

My mother had one
I think I did, too.
You can probably still buy one.
it wasn’t always a smooth operation.
The beaters got out of line.
And are cupcakes “hot” where you live?
Near my sister’s house the line is around the corner-
for cupcakes!

8 thoughts on “Hand Held Rotary Egg Beaters and Cupcake Display at DOZEN Bakeshop

  1. $2.50 each!! I like the old days when one made them at home for a fraction of the price, with or without the egg beater.

  2. I used a hand beater and probably still have it. One can get black and gold cupcakes at Coscos. I love cupcakes.

  3. My grandchildren took cupcakes to school for their classmates on his or her birthday-made at home. I remember the handheld eggbeater well and still have one in a drawer.

  4. Cupcakes are HOT in London where they sell for $10-12 each because there are only 2 or 3 stores that sell them. The one on Portabella Street ALWAYS has a line to get inside. Londoners version of a cupcake is called a fairy cake. They are the size of our mini cupcakes and have fondant icing.

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