5 thoughts on “Knitting Blog

  1. I wish you luck in teaching the kids to knit. I knit and crochet myself, and I love it. I’d lose my mind without my projects to keep me busy. Good luck to you and the kids you are instructing. I’m glad to know that not all kids are so tied up with their electronic toys, they fail to experience the natural arts and using their hands to ‘create’ something real.

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  2. Hi Ruth, Thank you so much for sharing our knitting day and lunch. It was very nice to see you again. Stop at the Library when you have time, we love seeing you.

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    • Hi Ruth, missed you at the Nat’l Knit-out Day, at the McKeesport Library, this year. Read the article on your new photo exhibition on People At Work. Pictures look great, going to try to get down to see it. Congratulations on some really great work. Hoping to see you soon.

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