Driving by Cornfields, Waiting on Soybeans Train, Main Street – Fremont Nebraska -3 short videos

Three short videos from the heartland.

Driving by cornfields on the way to Fremont, Nebraska. That’s Maura’s voice on the WAZE app, she recorded all the commands/ directives when visiting.

Waiting at the railroad crossing for the soybeans train cars to cross. Patiently.

The soybeans processing plant in Fremont

Driving down the middle of Main Street, Fremont Nebraska

An Eagle Scout Project. St. Joseph Rosary Garden. Fremont Nebraska.

Wimmer’s Wieners Voted Best Eats in Nebraska

Wimmer’s Weiners in Wahoo,  Nebraska.

My Friend Joanne  said Wimmer’s Wieners  were voted Best Eats in Nebraska, in a book she read a few years back. We’re searching for the reference.


We walked around the Wahoo Market and spoke with a member of the local police force, inquiring about the best place to eat. Another shopper let me photograph her T-shirt, shook my hand, said come visit again.  Everyone hospitable and nice.



Loved the Wahoo Super (market)

David Letterman used to get mail delivered to Wahoo.

There were 5 famous men born in Wahoo according to the welcome sign.



we saw a few more signs in Wahoo.

Knitting in Nebraska

Thursday I arrived in Omaha.  After lunch my friend Joanne took me to a couple of local yarn shops. I like to buy souvenir yarn from places I visit, usually a single skein of local sock yarn.

I got in the peacock pen to photograph the skein of Acid Peacock yarn by One Twisted Tree at  ImagiKnit.

Today at her friend’s farm and I tried to take a photo of the yarn AND the peacock.  You can see the focusing issues I experienced.

Joanne took the next four photos. A trunkful of yarn. Hotel morning selfie she took with her timer on. Me coming out of the peacock pen.

Photo by Joanne

Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

Many Wednesday evenings, Steve and I cross the Allegheny River to eat supper at Grant Bar in Millvale. I usually order the tapioca (to go) at the end of the meal. Reminds me of my childhood. But tonight we ordered and shared an extra huge piece of Chocolate Banana Cream pie. M-m-m-m-m! Thanks Vicky.

I asked Vicky about the pie maker.

Frank Ruzomberka, one of the original family owners, starts making the pies everyday at six in the morning. There’s a pin map to stick a push pin to show where you’re from when you order pie.

Pittsburgh Magazine did a piece about Chef Ruzomberka in 2007 and it’s laminated on a wall plaque at the entry way. Coconut Cream is the most popular, in case you’re wondering. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a terrific article by Gretchen McKay “Everyday is Pie Day” here’s the link