All-Plastic Garden “Planted” and “Blooming” in Sheboygan WI

Driving by the color caught my eye.  We turned around and drove back to photograph the garden and yard which stood out as the most colorful and blooming spot we had seen.  Every single flower was fake.  Stuck in the dirt.

All Plastic Garden in Sheboygan
Blooming Plastic Garden

8 thoughts on “All-Plastic Garden “Planted” and “Blooming” in Sheboygan WI

  1. a garden of delight and joy! i bet children love this. did she plan it? or start with just one and kept going, couldn’t stop – like a tattooed cook i saw in lawrenceville, sitting in the sunlight on a stoop, blooming in the monochromatic alley beside the cigarette butts and plastic pop can rings. What a practical dreamer this gardener is! i love it. thank you again dear ruth!
    hope you are extra well and dreaming brightly!


  2. It comes to mind that if someone went to all this work–and expense–they might as well have planted the real things and watched them develop–just a thought as I’m a gardener not a decorator…


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