9 thoughts on “November Sunrise- Farmhouse Drive, Pittsburgh

  1. Awake early here on the south shore of Oahu to catch the sun as it rises from the Pacific ocean at the very end of Koko Head, the next extinct volcano East of Diamond Head. I love these iconic names which have been with me since childhood, but am thrilled you sent your beautiful photo Ruth, reminding me of the Thanksgiving season in my home base, and the beauty of Mother Earth everywhere. Love the dancing trees! Much love, E

  2. Thanks, whenever I see these scenes on the way to school in the morning – I think of you. Knowing you would appreciate the picture in each one. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. I just love this photo…….it puts me back to Germany, “Volksmarching” (sp?). So very peaceful! You really captured a beautiful moment.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you…….I hope you are with good friends and some family. Suzanne, Ava, and Lucy are with us for a couple of months while Chris is in Iraq.
    It is happy chaos in the Bergman home again! And Grammy and GrandPapa are enjoying every minute! Love to you, Ruthie!

  4. A really cool photo. I can’t help but keep staring at the trees in a state of
    half undress in the rising sun light.

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