Spotlight Costumes on Carson Street Has Everything You Need for Mardi Gras- and More!

Wednesday class, you know my routine.   I put myself on assignment, covering interesting places on the South Side.   After school I went to the post office to mail a Christmas present I just finished knitting.  Stopped at Carson Street Deli for a BLT on Breadworks bread, a quarter of a dill pickle. And to the Spotlight Costumes LLC where I went in to ask if it would be okay to shoot the costumes mannequin outside the door.  They graciously agreed and thanked me for asking.  I met Ron and also the Make-up artist up from the basement with an armful of petticoats. She is going to be on the Lady Gaga website with the meat costume. (if I heard it right)  Spotlight Costumes does a lot of business with theater.  Stage makeup, wigs, masks and costumes. You name it!    I asked Ron what was popular.  All the superheroes, he said.    I saw a General Patton WWII uniform hanging that had just been returned. Vintage fabric from Kiss Me Kate dancers’ costumes on the counter.    You can rent, buy and they make custom costumes to your specifications.  Right now there are plenty of St. Patrick’s Day beads and glasses and accessories yo might need to be in the parade. Click on their website for more information and their hours. And see some of the inventory.
Support local business or there won’t be any local business, the proprietor said!

The place is packed to the rafters with imaginative and creative costumes and hats.   I bought a red and white striped Dr. Suess hat to wear on Friday at school (today was Dr. Suess’ birthday) when the kids eat Green Eggs and Ham.

Everything you need is in this store.
If you need inspiration, enter this store and imagine yourself any character you can think of....

10 thoughts on “Spotlight Costumes on Carson Street Has Everything You Need for Mardi Gras- and More!

  1. Mardi Gras is definitely in the air down here ya’ll. Didn’t know it stretched that far North!

    Love the lighting and vivid colors.


  2. I love the sign that says unattended children will be sold as slaves. Its a little passive aggressive.

  3. Mardi Gras next tuesday!!! “Laissez le bon temps rouler!!!”
    Dr. Seuss’s birthday ….who knew????? 🙂

  4. I should have gone there for a teenage mutant turtle suit for someone to wear ay yoni’s wedding.

  5. Ruth, I can’t remember the name of the holiday in Germany where everyone wore costumes – can you? I think it was this time of year.

  6. The holiday in The Netherlands where everyone wears costumes is Carnaval – can also be spelled Carnevalle. It is probably the same in Germany. It is a big thing over there. Children will dress in costumes for school parties this week. They will have school vacation next week. Lots of parties and parades from Friday through Tuesday. Celebrate before the fast!

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