13 thoughts on “Test upload of photo to blog from iPhone

  1. Sorry subscribers but the sock monkey test was necessary. I had to delete blog from iPhone and reinstall and that solved the problem I was having uploading photos to post directly on the blog. Thank goodness for the discussion board/forums. I know, I know, discussion of anything technology equipment or experience with it is on the topics to avoid so you don’t BORE people. But with wedding week coming up I wanted a back-up plan for posting.

    • You are too funny! This was in the Restaurant Supply place in Columbus. He did not seem to be happy there. And I have been to the Sock Monkey Museum and even made a few so I think my intuition is right on. I would watch a Sock Monkey Cooking Show, John. How about you?
      Can’t be any worse than most of their fare!

      • Watch it? I’d travel to NYC and try to get tickets to sit in the audience! And I so agree with you. It couldn’t be any worse than some of the stuff they’re airing these days. Besides, with the right person(s) pulling the strings, it could be incredibly funny. There’s a sock monkey museum? How I’d love to see that, too!

      • We should create the show! – So Simple, A Sock Monkey Can Cook It
        Episode 1- Sous Chef Sock Monkey learns to slice and sauté

        The Sock Monkey Museum is in Rockford IL. It doesn’t take long to go through it. A series of displays, really. And lots of nostalgia. The loom where they made the red heel socks.
        Another follower found a link on Etsy that sells a Chef clad Sock Monkey!

  2. No need to apologize for the test; I think Mr. Monkey is better than the old-school horizontal color bars and the loud BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP noise. 😉

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