“You Don’t Remember- I’ll Never Forget.” 11-20-80 10:10 AM

11-20-11     Happy 31st Birthday Matthew.     love, Ma

Photographed by Herr Spahn
Photographed by Arleen McC. Thank you for sending this to me. It is a great shot!!

31 thoughts on ““You Don’t Remember- I’ll Never Forget.” 11-20-80 10:10 AM

  1. What a wonderful set of photos, Ruth! A beaming bride and her 2 brothers proudly standing behind her. And they’re gently holding her in both photos. Beautiful in so many ways.


  2. The power of photography; captured moments in time; beyond the limitations of words; so many facets and meanings; new memories to cherish and treasure.



  3. Happy Birthday, Matthew!!! 11-20-11 Magic numbers!! Where ever you are, NYC or Croatia, have a GREAT day! Love, Erica


  4. It’s actually: 11-20-2011 – even more magical!! A numeric palindrome!?? Eleven. Twenty. TwentyEleven…. from left to right or right to left!!! 🙂


  5. Brilliant Ruth…we have three boys and one also born in 1980. Wish I had had this idea it’s a cracker well done. Mine 31 year old is a DJ Music Producer, he’s recently returned from the States he loved every minute. He is currently on his way back from Italy where he just done a one-night-stand.
    He works under the name of Jozif. He has a Sound cloud Page and Facebook, check him out (Google).

    BTW the last pic is lovely.


  6. Happy Birthday Mathew. It was a joy to see you at Laura’s wedding.
    Ruth… I can only hope to be half the mother as you have been.


  7. I *love* the title of this post. So poignant; there are so many things parents know that their children simply will never comprehend (no matter how old the ‘children’ become). Happy birthday to your son.


    • Aww Happy Birthday Carla! Were you born in 1980? Thanks for looking at the blogposts and letting me know you liked them. I always enjoy yours, too.


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