“You Don’t Remember- I’ll Never Forget.” 11-20-80 10:10 AM

11-20-11     Happy 31st Birthday Matthew.     love, Ma

Photographed by Herr Spahn
Photographed by Arleen McC. Thank you for sending this to me. It is a great shot!!

31 thoughts on ““You Don’t Remember- I’ll Never Forget.” 11-20-80 10:10 AM

  1. What a wonderful set of photos, Ruth! A beaming bride and her 2 brothers proudly standing behind her. And they’re gently holding her in both photos. Beautiful in so many ways.

  2. Great photos. Forgot that Matthew and Bradley are almost the same age. Happy Birthday to Matthew.

  3. Priceless collection of your children growing up the past 30 years. Happy Birthday, Matt.

  4. Happy birth day to Ruth E and Matthew. Those are some good looking kids you have there.

  5. The power of photography; captured moments in time; beyond the limitations of words; so many facets and meanings; new memories to cherish and treasure.


  6. Happy Birthday, Matthew!!! 11-20-11 Magic numbers!! Where ever you are, NYC or Croatia, have a GREAT day! Love, Erica

  7. It’s actually: 11-20-2011 – even more magical!! A numeric palindrome!?? Eleven. Twenty. TwentyEleven…. from left to right or right to left!!! 🙂

  8. Brilliant Ruth…we have three boys and one also born in 1980. Wish I had had this idea it’s a cracker well done. Mine 31 year old is a DJ Music Producer, he’s recently returned from the States he loved every minute. He is currently on his way back from Italy where he just done a one-night-stand.
    He works under the name of Jozif. He has a Sound cloud Page and Facebook, check him out (Google).

    BTW the last pic is lovely.

  9. Happy Birthday Mathew. It was a joy to see you at Laura’s wedding.
    Ruth… I can only hope to be half the mother as you have been.

  10. I *love* the title of this post. So poignant; there are so many things parents know that their children simply will never comprehend (no matter how old the ‘children’ become). Happy birthday to your son.

    • Aww Happy Birthday Carla! Were you born in 1980? Thanks for looking at the blogposts and letting me know you liked them. I always enjoy yours, too.

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