The Swimming Pool in Raging Bull

My sister walked with us from the Parking Lot on the West Pier. We walked down St. Luke’s Place as we made our way to her apartment. Film locations abound in New York City but she thought this one especially interesting looking at night.

Mary goes to the library and can watch the swimmers  right from the library window.

AND- Audrey Hepburn’s Wait Until Dark was  filmed across the street on St Luke’s Place.(click to see location)

The pool  location is  Carmine Street Pool(click to see the scene from film) and it was about two am  Monday night/Tuesday morning and really dark.  There were some bright spotlights, too, and didn’t have time to monkey around with the ideal settings.

I set  the camera on the timer so  I didn’t get camera shake.  Propped it on a concrete ledge of the fence base.

I took it from the angle where the Keith Haring Mural wasn’t visible and didn’t go back in the daytime as I’d planned.  Next trip.

A personal note-

Drove home from NYC Thursday afternoon and Friday morning at 7:30 I start a new job as the Digital Photography Teacher at Carrick High School.  After 20 years in Elementary Art it is going to be different and I am quite excited.   Thanks to everyone for the good wishes and emails and for following the blog, leaving thoughtful comments and being patient when I don’t reply to each note.  Making adjustments to the daily post as no more staying up past midnight to blog since I have to leave my house so early.




23 thoughts on “The Swimming Pool in Raging Bull

  1. Good wishes for your new job, Ruth. I’m sure you’re going to love it. That movie, “Wait until dark” is still etched in my memory all these years later. 🙂

  2. Ruth, what a magnificent shot, the lights are stunning! Best wishes to you for your new job, sounds as thought it should be good fun for you and the class!

  3. I love the photo but I am most excited for you start your new job. You will be wonderful! The kids are lucky to have you! Have fun!

  4. I hope your new students realize how blessed they are to have you as their teacher. The substance of art is heart.

  5. So excited for you!!!(and for all your new Lucky Students) Here’s wishing you a wonderful year!!! Iloved the pictures of
    the family on the steps for some reason I forgot to post that day…………

  6. Ruthie Have a wonderful first day. I hope you have as much fun in high school this time as we had the first time!

  7. Ruth — what an exciting year it’s going to be for you!! Have fun! Keep us all posted as to how things are going teaching something you obviously know a lot about! Do what you love!!

  8. Good luck with those high school students. I have a feeling that you will have good classes because you are teaching such a fascinating subject. (One of these days, I’m going to take the class myself.) BEST WISHES…and oh yes, I LOVE this shot.

  9. While there are ample photo opportunities in NYC, you seem to be able to find amazing images no matter your location. You are well-suited for your new role. 🙂

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