Porch Light, Moon Light

Murphy sat on the back porch before bed. When I went to let him in, I saw a popcorn looking sky from  the moon and the glow of the porch motion light- on and off, on and off- as he turned his head.  The deck wood looked red.

No time to get a remote cable and eliminate camera shake.

A deep breath as I propped the camera against the edge of the sliding glass door.  Depressed the shutter button while I held my  breath.  No worries that WordPress forgot to issue their weekly photo challenge.

18 thoughts on “Porch Light, Moon Light

  1. You are a true artist Ruth. Yet another one of your beautiful works I would love for my GROWING collection : ) Hope you and your family, and all is well.

  2. Talk about composition – this is a visual stunner! Artistry through the lens. Beautiful – you captured an enchanted moment. Love & gratitude, Lois

  3. Fantastic photo!! Reminds me so much of a Halloween night. The sky, Moon, and Murphy all combined in a wonderful pose!!

  4. Beautiful shot, Ruth. “popcorn looking sky” is a perfect description. Max strikes the same pose on my back porch several times a day. It’s as if he’s deep in thought as he surveys his realm. Or he’s planning an insurrection against me and waiting for back-up. Time will tell but I sleep with dog biscuits under my pillow.

    • Thanks for your great comment today! You just wonder what they are thinking. I like the image of the dog biscuits under your pillow, just in case. Good one.

      Ruth E Hendricks

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