Staten Island Ferry Ride – New York City

The Staten Island Ferry

Fact:  365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Fact:  a 5 mile trip, about 25 minutes one way

Fact:  21 million people a year ride the Staten Island Ferry

Fact:  There are nine ferries in the fleet

Fact:  The three new ferries were made in Wisconsin at Marinette Marine

Fact:  If you saw the movie Working Girl in 1988 the ferry is in the opening credits  (see link below)

How much does it cost to ride? It’s free.  And a lot of fun.  We used to go when the kids were younger. It was one activity I really wanted to do again this visit to NYC.

Mary and I went boarded and rode over to Staten Island.  We stood outside on the upper deck.  After a smooth voyage and wonderful view, we got off as everyone has to get off the ferry.

We walked down the ramp and followed  a path and then got right  back onto the very same ferry to return to Manhattan.

Manhattan Skyline


As we left Manhattan and looked back




Staten island Ferry


A different Staten Island Ferry in the harbor. Brooklyn Bridge in the background.




Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty








Statue of Liberty Framed in the Ferry Door



STaten Island Ferry


A pigeon is a passenger on the ferry



Disembark from Ferry

Ready to disembark



Passengers waiting for the doors to open so they can board the ferry on the Manhattan side


Passengers Waiting





Carly Simon sings Let the River Run  Opening Credits of movie Working Girl 1988

14 thoughts on “Staten Island Ferry Ride – New York City

  1. Well, it was a Sunday event in my day. A nickle per person and the ferries were gray, not cheery yellow. Soft pretzels always tasted better on a ferry than anywhere else.

    Nice post. Enjoyed.

  2. Amazing shots of a beautiful trip Ruth! Love the video. Carly Simon is one of my favourites. 😀
    Thanks for sharing hon. *hugs*

  3. Great post Ruth. I love that ferry and have made that trip many, many times. Once I even got to steer the ferry across from the Battery to Staten Island. It’s so New York.

  4. Hi Ruth,
    I rode on the Staten Island Ferry when I took my Aunt Loena to New York–it was at the top of her wish list. You got some great shots. Really lovely post.

  5. What a great post! Only took the ferry twice — a round trip — and was on the upper deck, too. Just took the ride for the ride’s sake. Thanks for the memories of the rides and big hair! Great video!

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