Orchid Cactus’ Short Bloom

My friend Kristin sent this beautiful Orchid Cactus (epiphyllum) blossom from Florida- on the phone!
I invited her to guest blog it. I had never seen an orchid cactus before.

The cactus blooms once a summer and the flower lasts about 24 hours.

Glenn Rice’s page states “Opens and closes in a single night” opens and closes on a single night

That’s it. A beautiful short life.

Kristin got the cactus at a local/ native nursery.


From behind the bloom



Thanks Kristin for sending the beautiful blossom. I forgot to ask if it has a scent.

12 thoughts on “Orchid Cactus’ Short Bloom

  1. So, I saw one of these flowers in India several years ago – and had no idea what it was. Now I know! Many thanks to you and Kristin for educating me.

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