Solidarity with New York Teachers

From one city of Pittsburgh school teacher to the teachers of New York-

I met Megan as we were getting on the subway shuttle today.  She teaches Middle School Special Ed.

She was on her way to the demonstration in front of Governor Cuomo’s East Side Office to protest his unfair educational policies and linking student test scores to teacher evaluation (for starters). Not to mention his total disrespect for teachers.

Here’s the photo I took of her with her protest sign.

(Mary and I were on our way to meet friends at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.)

She sent the photo I took to herself- so later I had a thought.  See below the dotted line.

Here it is. Thanks Megan.

Special Ed Teacher on way to protest




Then I got to thinking and texted her and asked her to send photos from the actual demonstration.


Here is Megan’s gallery of the parents and teachers and students united in oppostion to Governor Cuomo’s Educational Policy.





(looks like a a pretty handknit scarf, too- I know it had to be cold standing outside)


7 thoughts on “Solidarity with New York Teachers

  1. That is a demonstration I am definitely supportive of. Too much testing. I don’t think fun is allowed in schools anymore.

  2. Just sad that teachers have to pay the price for official irresponsibility. Sadder yet to see dedicated young people turn away from the profession as they witness what is currently going on. Bodes badly for our futures. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Way to bring awareness to this great issue! Teachers are HIGHLY undervalued (not to mention underpaid!). It’s high time they are given the respect (and compensation) they deserve. Hopefully this demonstration will move the needle.

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