Kids or Dogs More Difficult to Photograph?

Easter Weekend.  Now a bit of a blur as I’m home and back to school tomorrow. The alarm set for 5:15.

The grandkids woke up this Easter morning and were going downstairs to find their baskets and go outside for an egg hunt.

Let Grandma get a quick photo on the stairs


Bunny ears and just eager to get to Easter Baskets.  Forget it, Grandma.

Better to take one later when they weren’t paying any attention to me or my camer


or catching Michael Jumping off the swing



And Laura and Erika reminded me that Penny and Henry didn’t get birthday blogs and both granddogs were sad.

Okay, we’ll photograph them.  Help me do it!

Erika helped with a bone.  Laura had a turn. Then do individuals. Forget the two of them. Treats.  Crazy.

Okay Erika said   Let’s Do Individuals

IMG_8797 IMG_8771 IMG_8781

19 thoughts on “Kids or Dogs More Difficult to Photograph?

  1. For me humans or animals are difficult to photograph while objects such as nature or any materials are easier to capture. Is it maybe because they don’t have any emotions?
    But humans or animals photography is always more interesting to me.

  2. thank you for sharing your family meeting full of joy – we had the same with four grandchildren (from our two daughters) – and only one cat…

  3. Great photos, Ruth. Looks like quite a day! I had the same problem. There is always one kid (or dog) who won’t cooperate. I was taking a picture of 6 kids – ours with 3 cousins – and Jack was doing a karate move in every photo. Nothing I could do!!

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  5. The swing action shot is great – and the pups are great models. Looks like neither kids nor dogs are a challenge for you. 🙂

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