Back-to-School. Cupboards in a New Art Room. Possibilities.

What I won’t have to face this Back-to School season, now that I am retired…. still enjoying vacation with the family. Originally posted August 2009. Not one person liked it, not one person commented. The blog has grown since then. Thanks for stopping by today

14 thoughts on “Back-to-School. Cupboards in a New Art Room. Possibilities.

  1. You will be able to set your own schedule, make your own plans, and clean your own cupboards❗️ You will love retirement, and being able to spend more time with those grandkids! By the way, the picture is nice. Should have gotten some comments! 😄

  2. Hmmmm so many possibilities…..that’ s the way I see it! Enjoy not getting caught up in the “back to school” frenzy!

  3. It seems I’ve seen that cupboard before. You’ll enjoy the first day of school when you can sleep in. Wait till there’s a snow day. It’s such a good feeling not going out early in the morning.

  4. I’d like about 10 cupboards like this one to organize the various subjects, with papers and notebooks and books. I feel sure you are going to love retirement ….. esp. when you find your new groove!!!! But what a change!!!!!! LOVE, E

    • No there was always a paper shortage but other art teachers didn’t use much of the paint. I used up a bunch of what you see in the photo. They closed the school a few years ago.

  5. Such a colourful cupboard Ruth and so pleased you plugged on through the blog – how easy in those early days to call it quits. I know how much you will enjoy your retirement!

  6. What a blessing to have worked in a school that had such ample supplies, and that truly valued art. And now, what a blessing to be retired, and to spend your time however you wish. Finally, what a blessing to get all of these comments and likes on the post! You have come a long way, lady. 🙂

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