Tupelo Honey Teas Cafe in Millvale


Tupelo Honey Teas 

They’ve been open since Halloween. Today was my first visit.

You know how I zip across the  Allegheny River to get my framing done at Panza Gallery, sip a brew and eat a dinner special at Grant Bar or load up on Brioche and macarons at Jean-Marc Chatteliers Bakery?

Millvale PA posts frequent the blog.

This afternoon I stopped in the Tupelo Honey Teas Cafe and had a delicious ginger tea.

There’s a monthly calendar of activities and events-

January 19th it’s Third Thursday Theater- Steel City Shakespeare- Edgar Allen Poe  7-9 ,

Knitting on Tuesdays at 6:30-9

Book Club(s) local author and mystery,

Brunch and Bluegrass (Devin Moses) on Jan 29th 10-2



There is a connecting door to the Community Library


img_2732Good things to eat img_2725



16 thoughts on “Tupelo Honey Teas Cafe in Millvale

  1. There is so much to say about this amazing series of pictures. I could almost smell the tea. But what?. . . no Elvis tea? I was just in Tupelo MS.

  2. I’ve so little experience drinking tea, Ruth, that I wouldn’t know where to begin if I was faced with so many choices. Much to the clerk’s dismay, I’d probably order a coffee.

  3. What a cool space! I need to come visit you one of these days, and have you take me to all of your awesome locations.

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