16 thoughts on “Bakery Macarons and Two Socks at a Time

  1. What a beautiful photo Ruth. Important knitting question: do you eat the macarons whilst knitting?

  2. I never would have put those two together; you definitely have an artist’s eye. Great colors!
    And two socks at a time?! Talented!

    • Have you heard Of “second sock Syndrome”? You complete one….and starting the second seems insurmountable. In my retirement, I watched YouTube videos to master the Magic Loop method. A real knitting life-changer. And then I taught a friend. To have both socks completed at the same time is satisfying and you always have a completed pair!

      • I have not heard of this syndrome, but it makes complete sense! So cool that there is a “cure” for it. Yay! 🙂

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