Star Wars Characters Run Pittsburgh Marathon

There were 40,000 runners today.

But these three captured my heart.

There was a fourth brave soul in their group, all raising money for charity. As they arrived in front of my friends’ home, Elliott played the Star Wars Theme music on the loud speaker which I didn’t get to record but it really added to the moment.

I waited a long time for these guys to show up.  ( Ask anyone who waited with me for hours)

And just as I was going to get a hot dog from the grill, my friends all yelled, “Ruth Chewbacca is coming!! “


Read this Trib Live Article by Chris Togneri   These three friends run to earn money for KIDS OF STEEL of Project R.U.N.  (Reaching Underserved Neighborhoods)

“Kids of STEEL is a physical activity and nutrition program designed to motivate children to pursue quality nutrition and an active lifestyle by incorporating exercise and healthy eating habits into their daily routine. 
P3R wants every child in Southwestern Pennsylvania to have access to the Kids of STEEL program.”

Last year they dressed in bridal gowns

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 7.19.38 PM
Pittsburgh Marathon Blog Post 2016

IMG_7076   Tony D’Abruzzo Running 26 miles in Chewbacca costume

For more Marathon photos see Just Before Mile Twenty Photo Album on Flickr



7 thoughts on “Star Wars Characters Run Pittsburgh Marathon

  1. Chewbaca never looked better. Congrats to him for finishing. Although I did like the wedding dresses from last year.

  2. fantastic to be supporting this charity.
    can’t believe Tony was able to breathe in that outfit.Great job boys

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