House on the Move- Update

Meet Paul Spradley who was filming the house being moved on Neville Island today. I told him about my People at Work project and he consented to be in the show next July.  See below to see the video on the KDKA News tonight. There were a LOT of people at work today, moving the house.  Even going under the house and ratcheting with a long metal tool to steer and guide the house.  They all worked together and had a successful house move.  I’ll have to photograph them another day as they were all REALLY busy.

(KDKA NEWS Pittsburgh PA.)

Here’s a linkto the clip on the KDKA evening news

And here are a few stills from the day.  The last two are from my friends who invited me down to their neighborhood to see the move.  It was an amazing feat.  I had to leave to head to Ohio to pick up three grandkids so I missed the 360 degree they executed at the end so the front door faced the street.   I did see the utility pole being moved by the Utility Crew so the house could get by.  Not sure how many hours the street was without power but it was a long day’s work, not to mention the preparation that was necessary beforehand. It was a beautiful day, not too cold.

And the home owner John,  on the right, the one who moved the house down the street.  My friends Deb and Sy, Neville Islanders.  Thanks for inviting me down to witness this astounding feat!  And for your guest photos!


Jill C had a great idea about the forced perspective shots with the brother and sister, the children of tJill C had a great idea about the forced perspective shots with the brother and sister, the children of the house mover.  he house mover.    Here is Charissa above. 

13 thoughts on “House on the Move- Update

  1. Those are great pictures! I am thinking they must really love that house if they moved it instead of just building another?!

  2. One of the workers told me their company has never dropped a house but another company dropped their own son’s home. He said they have expensive insurance, just in case!!!
    Thanks, Ruth, photographer of the Island!

    • Yikes. That’s scary. I hope the list was sufficient. There are tons more pics in the album. Thanks for inviting me

  3. Wow, a significant feat all around! I kind of wish I could be inside the house when it was moving… I also wonder if they removed all of the furniture and appliances…? (I would think yes, but then again, if they can move the house with its contents still inside, that would be so much easier for the owners…) So many questions.

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