Memorial Day 2013

Marine Memorial at Arlington

Ruth E. Hendricks Photography

My son Mark photographed the Marine Corps War Memorial when the family visited Arlington Cemetery a few weeks ago.  (The memorial is in Arlington VA, not in the actual cemetery)

When he showed me this photo today, I asked if he’d guest blog it for Memorial Day and he agreed.  Mark was in the USMC for six years.

We went for a walk this morning and there’s a little white clapboard church about 1/2 mile up the road.  Behind it was a small graveyard.

The third photo I took early Sunday in a rural cemetery by a headstone that had a flag in front of it.

This is the reflection (taken with a 70-200 Canon Lens L Series)

I read a moving article in the Roanoke Times (by Dan Casey) about the last of four brothers who served in WWII who tells the story of the other three who have…

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5 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2013

  1. We are in Charlotte with Joe and Ann and their children. We all went to the Coca Coala 600. The entire race was dedicated to our service men and women. So brave. Each car in the race had the name of a fallen hero on the windshield. A bugler played taps and that brought a chill and a tear. There was a true sense of southern patriotism.There were a number of Marines and we thought about Mark. I am still thinkig about all of it at this late hour.

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  2. My dad served in WWII, my brother in Vietnam. Both survived the wars, but today I think of those who fought for this country and weren’t so lucky.

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