My Friend’s Collection

My friend Rose collects Hard Rock Cafe Pins when she travels. Some of the souvenir pins have moveable parts. Friends and family have brought pins from various destinations when they travel, to add to her collection.

A few examples- Paris, Prague, Philadelphia  Barcelona, Venice, Florence,Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, London (the phone booth door opens and closes) and the Jimi Hendrix special edition pin on purple shown below.

On Pinterest they show creative display options- some in the shape of a guitar or even mounted inside a guitar case. The first pins were the basic logo and location. Definitely more intricate detailed versions now.

“As of July 2018, Hard Rock International has venues in 74 countries, including 185 cafes, 25 hotels, and 12 casinos.” Wikipedia

I didn’t ask how many she has so far.

You know I enjoy people’s answer to the question “What do you collect?”



6 thoughts on “My Friend’s Collection

  1. This is a unique collection. I enjoyed seeing it. I have been in the one in Paris. My brother and I were on a motorcycle trip to Montreal. We ate in the Hard Rock in Toronto. It was attached to the Skydome so you could look out over the field. No events were going on. It was still a cool view. We were also in the Hard Rock in Montreal. I think that both have been closed for some time. I never thought to get pins. I could have passed them on to your friend. I assume that she has one from Station Square. If not, it might be a nice gift.

  2. Having reached the last quarter of my life, I am mostly collecting memories before they fade away. Thanks for all the colourful images of your friends’ collection, Ruth!

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