Orange Scarf Day in Norway

Z from NY, Joan from NJ and Clare from NZ with the scarves they knit, ready to donate

(Scarves in Window design above by Z)

Pretty soon it will be Orange Scarf Day in Norway. In all the yarn stores there were bins of orange yarn for knitters to buy and knit up a scarf.

Three fellow Knitting Cruise Members knit orange scarves during our trip. It’s good to think of the scarves keeping someone warm.

“an annual event by The Church City Mission (Kirkens Bymisjon) to emphasize caring and inclusiveness while approaching winter and Christmas season. The scarves are left on the sculptures for those who need in cold winter days.”

You can see photos of the scarves on statues in Oslo at this link

21 thoughts on “Orange Scarf Day in Norway

  1. Just wondering why Orange. I personally like orange. It reminds me of sunrise or sunset.

    • I was thinking the same and a friend told me of a place downtown where there are poles to hang scarves for those who need them. Going to check it out.

  2. Their choice of orange- perhaps because that shade reminds me of the sun- keeping me warm. This is a smart & helpful project.

    • The finished scarves will be tied onto statues around the city and those in need help themselves to the handknit scarves.

  3. The paradox of generosity comes to mind. I know that the people who give the scarves without question will receive tenfold for their unselfish acts of kindness.

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