The Towers at Ohio State University

The towers.  Abraham Lincoln Tower and Justin S. Morrill Tower, Completed in 1967

When we were driving past the Ohio State U  dorms this morning, on way to the swim meet, Jack asked which one did Steve live in when he was a student? We’re talking decades ago. They are still standing.   I had to ask Steve later.   The answer was freshman year he lived in Morrill Tower.  Now ask me which tower is which. I tried to figure out with the help of a campus map online. But I got pretty turned around. They look identical to me.  Here we are driving by (I was the passenger) after the swim meet. Still undergraduate housing from what I can find online  Steve lived there in the late seventies. A color photo that looks black and white.




6 thoughts on “The Towers at Ohio State University

  1. This post piqued my curiosity about my own residence hall – and yes, the 2 I lived at during my undergrad years are both still standing and active!

  2. For some reason that I can’t explain, I always appreciate color photos that look black and white. Even though there are small specks of yellow, blue or orangish lights, at first glance it does appear as a black and white photo.
    The photo reminds me a bit of the A, B and C Towers at my alma mater, Pitt. The dormitory towers at Pitt look somewhat like large cleanser cans, and when I was a student at Pitt (’65-’69) they were known as Ajax, Babo, and Comet. Pretty clever.

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