Big Banana Car in Columbus Guest Blog

Laura took a photo of the Big Banana Car in front of her neighbor’s house. Part of the mini The World Needs More Whimsy Tour. The Big banana is built on a “….1993 Ford pickup over the course of two years by Steven Braithwithe”

Rides were available today (until dark)for a donation. The money going to a fund for children without health insurance

Photo by Laura

By the time you read this post, the tour will be over but what fun Laura and Charlie and Roy had on the walk to and from school. Laura face-timed me while holding a Bananas Gorilla (Richard Scarry Busytown) toy. I snapped a couple of screen shots.

I cropped out myself from the Face time call
Bananas Gorilla in his banana car

One more screen shot while Face timing

Do you remember Laura’s neighbor?

Greg created the Art Car (click to see slide show) I know you’ve seen it on the blog.

A Lot of Soda in Florida

Explore soda flavors in Melbourne, Florida, August 2023 a one minute tour of the refrigerated shelves of soda.

Bacon? Sweet Corn? Mustard? Butter? Grass?

Buffalo Wing ,Cucumber, Olive, Horchata, Mustard, Enchilada,Ranch Dressing, Pickle

Horchata? Looking for something sweet to wash down your chimichanga, but can’t decide between a fizzy soda and a cool and creamy Horchata? Now you can have both! Horchata Soda is the uncanny blend of pure cane soda and the milky-sweetness of the famous cinnamon spice flavored rice milk.”

Here’s the still photo below I took in Columbus Ohio the week before

Sounds pretty sweet

Here’s the May 2023 blog post Soda or Pop? featuring flavors found in Pittsburgh

Hooked on Books -150 Crochet Stitches

At the Columbus Metropolitan Library in the Carnegie Art gallery on the second floor. July 28, 2023.

Bees Knees Clintonville Yarn Bomber Hooked on Books

The hallway on the second floor
At the library July 28. 2023

Finding a Match

Mary, Maura and I spent some time this afternoon, trying to find pairs from a big box of clean socks. We are not the first team to attempt to match socks! As many as six family members have contributed to the accumulation. There were no-show socks, shorties, ankle socks, a couple of argyle and a ton of black and white athletic crew socks, some dress socks. A few holey socks were discarded. No hand knit socks on the pile!

From this

To this

In progress
Socks are under control. Maura standing with what I’d call a sneaker sock but nobody uses that term.

Some loners were left. Hopefully there are some matches in a drawer or under a bed.