Mary asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do in the city before I went home to Pittsburgh.  Yes, I wanted to see William Wegman’s Dogs in the 23rd St Subway station.

She’d told me about them before. When I taught photography in high school, Mr. Wegman was one of the students favorite photographers. So after we got off the train at Grand Central, she guided me to the correct  subway to get to see the famous Weimaraners in mosaic.

William Wegman click his name to learn more about his art

After Wegman took the photos for this commission, German mosaic fabricator Mayer of Munich produced the works, meticulously translating all the textures and tones of the gray dogs into gray glass”  Alexander Alexa- 6sqft.com




I am  back in Pittsburgh tonight but had to post these wonderful mosaic dog murals of “Stationary Figures” by William Wegman.

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  1. Incredibly well done! They look almost natural, and it is not easy to catch that “live” glimpse. Thank you so much for posting!

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