“Just get rid of it” my friend Ann says

“Just get rid of it”.

“No one wants it.”

“Collecting dust on a shelf means you have to clean it.”

”Sell it.”

Why is it easy for some people to get rid of things?declutter? downsize with no difficulty?

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14 thoughts on ““Just get rid of it” my friend Ann says

  1. When people want to downsize it is fairly common here to hire professionals to stage a 3 day ” Living Estate Sale “. Starting mid- morning on Fri. and fairly early on Saturday those searching for treasures are on the prowl.

  2. I need to put up a sign: “Ann says Just get rid of it!!” 🙂 I could never part with those adorable items in your photo!!!!

  3. We have the same. We agree with Ann. We cannot bring ourselves to do it though. Plus they just don’t make em like they used to, do they?

  4. This photo shows what you would typically find on our window sills. My wife is incurable junk collector. Sorry, I cannot answer your question, Ruth.

  5. Some things I just can’t part with. Others, I have no trouble taking them to Goodwill. When I get to Goodwill to them drop off, I can’t resist going inside to find more treasures!

  6. For me, decluttering was an age related thing. Too much stuff, not enough time or energy to look after it, or even enjoy it anymore. So I kept the things that really made me happy and donated the rest. Other friends have decluttered for space related reasons. There is no single right reason or response, is there!?

    • I more donations are key to happiness, I think you’re right about the age thing. Thanks Margy. No there is no single reason.

  7. I find it easy to part with some things, and difficult to part with others. Some of us are more “keepers”, and some of us are more “purgers”. (Just like some of us are more introverted/extroverted.) Neither is “better” or “worse”, it just is who we are…

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