Rent a Goat (or a herd)

We were at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale last week.

Here’s a photo of one of the goats helping clear some undesired vegetation. You can rent  goats to help get rid of unwanted vegetation. If you click the Have U Herd link here you can see you can rent goats for parties, too. Who knew?  Not just landscaping!  Environmental friendly.  Interested in Goat Yoga?   Click here to find out more.

An article about Goats in Prospect Park in New York City, New York City Parks Using Goats as a Chemical-Free Weed Control Alternative. They even eat Poison Ivy!

6 thoughts on “Rent a Goat (or a herd)

  1. a well-known Jewish lullaby: [beautiful melody]
    “To my little one’s cradle, in the night,
    comes a dear little goat, snowy white.
    The goat will trot to the market,
    while Mother her watch will keep,
    To bring back raisins and almonds.
    Sleep, my little one, sleep!”
    Very versatile animals, goats! 🙂

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