Serious Airedales Pose in Christmas Sweaters

Maura tried to set up the shot. Josie and Henry were hopeful for the treats she had in her hand.

Erika was bummed when she saw the pictures and she said they weren’t smiling.

It’s true. They weren’t smiling. I’ve seen them smile. Just like getting kids to pose for the Christmas card photo. Doesn’t always turn out like you wish.


7 thoughts on “Serious Airedales Pose in Christmas Sweaters

  1. I wouldn’t smile either, if you made me wear a silly jumper 🙂 🙂 Debbie has a dog doing useful stuff this week, funnily enough. Hope you have a fantastic 2020, Ruth. All the best!

  2. Henry and Josie do not want their cool factor diminished if the neighborhood dogs spot them.

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