Jigsaw Puzzle Season

Jigsaw puzzles anyone? Yes or no?

if yes, what’s your method? Borders first? Similar colors? Solitary or communal effort?

Preferred number of pieces? Subject?

Anyone do a puzzle without looking at or knowing what the picture is?

In the mid 70’s I had a circular puzzle of a pizza with toppings.   I glued it together and tacked it on the kitchen door when we lived in Ft. Knox Kentucky.  Wish I had a photo of my colorful interior decoration in government quarters.
I’ve had a couple of puzzles made from my photographs and given them as gifts.

Relaxing activity? Stress reliever? Here’s the HIstory if you’re interested.

Laura working on a Star Wars puzzle- one of four.completed puzzle 12/17/19

7 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle Season

  1. Absolutely! 1000 pieces are the favorites. We do them at the beach during “stay out of the sun” times. Edges first. Fun family activity.

  2. I married into a family of big jigsaw makers. They are borders first, big areas next kinds of people. And making the puzzle is very much a communal effort.

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