USMC 246th Birthday

The United States Marine Corps celebrates 246th birthday on November 10th.

Proud mom of my son Mark

Bottom left: his wife Erika at Birthplace of Marine Corps, Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. Bottom center: Commissioning Day 1998 Bottom right: at his Unit in Hawaii 2000 Top right: Mt. Fuji 1999. Center right: 2Lt arriving in Okinawa

The Marine Hymn.

11 thoughts on “USMC 246th Birthday

  1. Thanks for the photo-story and for sending the Marine Hymn!!!! “We are proud to claim the title of United
    States Marine!” Thanks for your Service Mark!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to “The Few…The Proud…The Marines”. Thank you to Mark and all that wore that uniform. OORAH!

  3. Thanks Mark and all who serve. We know from personal experience that along with a good family th Marine Corp builds character.

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