11 thoughts on “A Real Can of Words

  1. I’ve seen this before at the home of a friend. They did use the words to leave messages on the fridge.

  2. I picked up magnetic words at a thrift store several years ago and have crafted them into simple lines of poetry stuck on my fridge. This is such a fun challenge. What poetry did you create? I’d like to see.

  3. I had a can of letters, not words. I left them on the fridge and every time the grandchildren came to visit they rearranged them into new words!

  4. Love this Ruth! I might have to get myself a can. Except magnets don’t adhere to my stainless refrigerator. Maybe I’ll put them on the old one in the garage.

  5. Magnetic poetry is fun; this looks similarly entertaining. Any amazing creations that should be documented for posterity? 😉

    • I looked at that can two days ago. The words are living inside in a jumble. Not released or expressed

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