Meet Betsy – Owner of OTT’S Coffee Stand on Wheels

A second truck is being readied to serve delicious coffee drinks to OTT’S coffee fans

At the Great Lakes Fiber Show there were patrons lined up for OTT’S coffee, These customers were following their favorite vendor- OTT’S coffee stand! they came strictly for the coffee. Had zero interest in fiber! One woman said she’s waited two hours in a line for this coffee goes wherever they are. Fortunately my wait was about fifteen minutes. Well worth it. I order the Sea Turtle Mocha Latte which one nice man said is their number one seller. Sorry I ordered the smaller size after I sipped it

My Sea Turtle Mocha Latte

6 thoughts on “Meet Betsy – Owner of OTT’S Coffee Stand on Wheels

  1. I was in the Navy and had a guy in my division whose last name was Ott. He was from Michigan. Maybe this young lady is related?? dc

  2. I’m not sure I could tolerate a 2 hour line for anything, much less coffee… glad your wait was a fraction of that. Talk about brand loyalty!

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