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My granddaughter Anna’s friend, Martina, shared these colorful scenes from her recent summer vacation.

Martina is the guest blogger today. Anna and Martina swam together on the high school team. I enjoy seeing another part of the world.

Kate Gould Memorial Parkalmost 2.5-acre park, donated to the town in 1930 by Kate Gould – a librarian at the Eldredge Public Library”–

Artists painted Wooden Whales for auction
Kate Gould Memorial Park in the center of Chatham Massachusetts Some 70 whales, or facsimiles thereof, occupied Kate Gould Park last Thursday. But these cetaceans weren’t protesting; they were the main attraction of the annual Art in the Park exhibit, sponsored by the Chatham Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Association.”
Chatham Massachusetts
A beautiful Cape Cod day

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