Baby Doll born c.1979 & her sister, trapped in someone’s closet all these years

You can see which is which.  Baby Doll belonged to Erika(b. 1975) and is well loved by daughter Anna(b.2003).  The same doll came up on Ebay and arrived in Ohio for Anna’s 6th bday.  Smells a bit musty, like a basement or forgotten closet.  Sister Dolls separated at birth in the Fisher-Price Factory.  Now living together after a thirty year separation.

Baby Doll on the right and her twin sister, both 30 years old.
Baby Doll on the right and her twin sister, both 30 years old.

10 thoughts on “Baby Doll born c.1979 & her sister, trapped in someone’s closet all these years

  1. tremendous! i’d rather be well loved then tidy and musty anyday. every adventure left its mark. looks like the hair was twirled between little fingers. what comfort that hair gave! baby doll looks positively alive compared to factory girl. makes me think better of myself and the toll life has taken. a good toll. ruth,you’re a great mom and great artist. your art helps us see.


  2. It warms my heart knowing that Anna loves the same Baby Doll as much as Erika did. I can still see Erika playing for hours with Baby Doll changing her cloths and reading her stories in bed at night. Every night Erika would put all her baby dolls and stuffed animals in bed with her and read them a story, but Baby Doll was the one she held on to when she fell asleep. So glad that Baby Doll did not get lost in the many moves we had. Anna is so lucky to have Froo Froo Ruthie to take all of the great pictures of Baby Doll so she can show her little girl one day a picture of her favorite Baby Doll.


  3. I don’t think Anna and Baby Doll have had one day away from each other.
    I’ve misplaced my special bear and it makes me feel sad


  4. Melissa had a doll similar to this one. Last time I saw the doll she had very little hair.
    Just like the plastic flower photo – there is always some way to relate to your pictures and memories. Someone in our family did this or that/had this or that/did this or that. Common bonds!!!


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  6. Of course you know I live in the past, so I love this post. My son had a homemade “cabbage patch” doll. My youngest daughter had “Mr. Kitty” and I still remember every doll from my childhood. Thanks for sharing. Now where did I put my blankey?


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