Trees Before Leaves

J drove me to this little park in Aspinwall, overlooking the Highland Park Bridge.  No dogs allowed so she waited in the car.  Shooting into the sun, the timing was off, so blocked the sun with a trunk.  Plan to  shoot the bridge from this vantage point a different day.

Before the trees sprout leaves, sunlight through the branches
Sunlight shines through the tree branches, impending Spring.

6 thoughts on “Trees Before Leaves

  1. Great! I think that is Fireman’s Park. I live about a mile away and it is good for the river shots.

  2. “Trees before leaves”–see, you are a poet as well as photographer–you just don’t know it…

  3. i agree with laura – it is a beautiful picture with the sun shining through, but i can’t wait for the leaves

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