Night Light in the City

Driving with Joan down Arlington Ave toward Liberty Bridge. We were headed home.  Book club (Under the Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak) on Brownsville Rd.  The sky was so clear.   I asked Joan if she’d pull over and I’d get a shot. Going down to 39 tonight -up to 90 the other day?   Notice the jail all lit up on the riverfront(on right  of the bridge for the out-of-towners). Looks like condos. Anyone know how this site was chosen for the jail?

Pittsburgh skyline from Arlington Avenue coming down to Liberty Bridge.
The air clear and lights bright and being on the passenger side inspired the shot.

8 thoughts on “Night Light in the City

  1. I assume the jail site was chosen by a perverse planner who chose one of the prettiest sites in Pittsburgh and put prisoners in cells with windows located so that they cannot see the view! That’s punitive real estate. Great shot. Love. L

  2. Is it me or does the light from the jail windows have a duller energy than the skyscrapers? Great seeing you and talking books last night.

  3. These night views make me homesick! When I was growing up there was a jail on the river near the McKees Rock Bridge on the North Side. When was this jail built and is the jail in McKees Rock still around?

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