On the way to Munhall

There is a gas station at the corner, just before you drive down the hill and over the Homestead HighLevel Bridge.  I photographed it at night while sitting at the red light. Steve was driving.  Remember when they were called filling station? In Jersey they still pump your gas.

I usually don't pull into a gas station at night but like to think about them.

8 thoughts on “On the way to Munhall

  1. Wow!! The gas station at night is oddly beautiful, and full of feeling. Thinking about going here and there – and the necessary stop. Who were we with? Where were we going?
    A couple of weeks ago, in Princeton New Jersey – Melissa’s sister in law jumped when a man appeared at her window in the gas station! We were watching from our car, and had to laugh!! Forgot that she wouldn’t know that!!

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