Ninety Years in Not Quite 1 Minute- My Dad

Roy Joseph Hendricks

Born in Farmersville, Illinois February 26, 1912-

October 26, 2002- (Remains in Pleasant Valley, CT)

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  Eastern Redbud planted in my backyard in memory of my parents by friend Ginny N.

15 thoughts on “Ninety Years in Not Quite 1 Minute- My Dad

  1. Ruth,
    We knew your dad for only a few years out of his 90 on this earth but I can honestly say he ranks in the top 10 most memorable people in my life. What a wonderful, gracious man he was. I can’t wait to see him again.
    Love you,

  2. Ruthie, thanks for sharing this. I miss your parents too. The picture of them dancing is how I remember them most. They brought a ray of sunshine into everyone’s life! God Bless.

  3. I hope my dad knew how much I appreciated him when he was alive. The pictures are wonderful Ruth E

  4. Loving memories of Father Roy. He truly was in a class all by himself. He left his mark on everyone who met him. I have so many vivid memories of him in Morris Plains – one of my favorites is of him walking so we could take the car. Ruthie his eyes shined brightest when he was looking at you.

  5. I remember Roy as someone who looked for and found something admirable, important and valuable in the lives, thoughts, experiences of every single person he met. This had to make life so much richer for Roy and for everyone who knew him.

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  7. Dear Ruth, I often find myself thinking of your father. Like today, I did a google search and stumbled upon your “90 years in a minute.” Beautiful! I met him while he was at St. Stephens in Philadelphia and I was a teenager. Both he and your mother welcomed me into their household and had an overwhelming impact on my life…. they were seasoned salty saints with a great sense of humor!!! And they were so gracious and kind to me during some difficult years. I too remember your visiting them with your very young children and Father Roy being so very proud. He will always remain a model for me. I’m presently teaching at a Lutheran seminary in Hong Kong….and will continue to cherish the friendship of both your parents. With kind regards, Wayne Nieminen

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  9. Beautiful tribute, Ruth. I planted an Eastern Redbud in memory of my parents on their land before we sold the property. I check in with it whenever I visit Zia. 🙂

    • I can’t think of a lovelier tree to plant as a memorial. The blossoms are so beautiful, all over the branches. The leaves like hearts.

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