Throwback Thursday Shirley Temple Doll from the Fifties

The 1937 movie Heidi starring Shirley Temple inspired this doll. My friend has a vintage doll collection. I photographed her dolls in 2015 and had a jigsaw puzzle created from one of the photos.

Dolls prompt mixed responses.

They creep some people out.

Others collect and display them.

Did you have a special doll?

Shirley Temple Doll in my friend’s glass doored cabinet

In 2010 I photographed granddaughter Maura looking at Aunt Linda’s doll collection

A at

Here’s one of the photos from 2010

Did You Ever Own a Metal Lunchbox?

They were banned in schools in the 1970s after parents complained they were used as weapons and caused serious head injuries. Their history is here from the first Hopalong Cassidy box, to the the last of Rambo Sylvester Stallone model.

I had a red Stewart plaid one in third grade that I remember, complete with a thermos. There were no ice packs included, ever.

The Antique Trader attributes the popularity of metal lunchboxes to television.

Photo taken in 2016

Take a tour of the museum with this YouTube video if you can’t get to Columbus Georgia.

Allen Woodall’s Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, Georgia…..has More than 3,000 lunchboxes and 1,000 thermoses sit on floor-to-ceiling shelves that line the walls. Others hang from the ceiling

Mr Woodall has written an encyclopedia shown below

You can get a pricing guide if you want to start a metal lunchbox collection