Furry Convention in Pittsburgh

Three Fursuited Friendly Furries
Happy to pose for the camera.

Drove downtown after school to 3G Gallery to pick up a photograph from a show and Amy said go to the lobby and check out the Furry Convention.  The Fursuit Parade is Saturday at 2 by the David Lawrence Convention Center.  Over 750 humans in fursuits. A man with a badge marked security, said this convention brings in 6 million dollars to Pittsburgh and they donate to local Animal Charities. Some wear ears and or tails but these three furries were in full suits. The convention is something I have heard about but not experienced before.  The news channels were walking around with microphones and cameras.

14 thoughts on “Furry Convention in Pittsburgh

  1. Pittsburgh — “where the wild things are”!!! Yikes!!! At least it brings money.
    Speaking of money — last day of school – “priceless”!!!

  2. Since the fur-in-the-middle has a nametag “Nony,” the fur-on-the-left must be “Hey” and on the right (twin) “Nony!” 🙂

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