Full Moon Over Newlyweds at Quicksilver

Midway PA out near Canonsburg. Every wedding has a feeling to it and this one Friday night was relaxed and  sweet.  What a nice couple.  We went out onto the golf course and checked the time, it was 10:10. Moonlight, the light from the clubhouse and indirect flash.  Megan and Gregg, the happy newlyweds. *Blogged with permission from a gracious bride!)  [24-70 L series Canon lens, 1″ at 2.8 aperture. Canon 5D]

High school sweethearts enjoy their wedding day
It was a happy wedding. Thought we'd try to capture the full moon.

6 thoughts on “Full Moon Over Newlyweds at Quicksilver

  1. Romance under the Strawberry Moon! Or was it only called the Strawberry Moon on Saturday night? It England and some other places the full moon in June is called the Rose Moon. Here it’s the Strawberry Moon. Either way – love is in the air!!! Lovely picture!!


  2. Just beautiful…like the whole evening was. You do magnificent work Ruth. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the wedding day photos!


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