Young Women Practice Mexican Dance in Omak WA

Preparing for Omak's 75th Stampede Weekend Festivities. Right next to the Omak Public Library, Civic League Park.

6 thoughts on “Young Women Practice Mexican Dance in Omak WA

  1. Vive la danse! Love the shoes: sneakers, flip-flops, and the black ones with heels so you can actually stomp and make noise!!then there are the favorite jeans under the yellow skirt!Love it!!!
    Thanks for all the local color of your photos!

  2. Oh my gosh! The dancing shoes are priceless: sneakers, flip-flops, and one black pair with a strap and heels that you can stamp! Also the old, beloved jeans (with holes)under the yellow skirt! I can hear the music!! XOXO E

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